Kris.P – Featured Artist

Kris P doing his photo shoot at Pinetop Recording Studio.
Kris P doing his photo shoot at Pinetop Recording Studio.

KrisP, AKA Chris Pickarski, came to Pinetop Studio with a clear and open mind. When he told us he never sang before we were shocked because he was able to pull off a great song anyway. He came to collaborate in the arrangement process so he only had a vague idea and a vision of an emotional connection he would create in his listeners. He felt that something great would happen at the recording studio. It did. He wrote a song entitled “F*CK” which he wrote on the spot.

With our help we put together a suitable arrangement for his lyrics and chords. He was able to have a finished product to listen to in his own car by the time he left Pinetop Recording studio in the Poconos.

We wanted to interview Chris before he left to provide some public online awareness. So we asked KrisP a few short interview questions.

Q. What are your musical influences?

A. Jimi hendrix, Johnny Cash, sounds found from nature which are all around us, such as a car passing, or birds.

Q. How old are you?

A. Im 23 years old and been playing since age fifteen.

Q. How did you first start?

A. I Started playing with my dads guitar at that age 15.

Q. What kind of guitar do you play?

A. I use a nameless guitar with a scratched carved N in it with a pickup that has fallen into the guitar body. Which adds to the unique sound of an almost rattling moth.

Q. What music do you currently like to listen to?

A. I like to listen to Beachhouse, Weird OWL, Glissandro 70, and Brandy Carlisle.

Q. In your own words, describe your style of music writing.

A. I would say, it is like a heavy dose of emotion combined with melodic, night, lucid melodies with gentle and aggressive  passages.