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Ephemeral Transmissions
Ephemeral Transmissions

Ephemeral Transmission is a musical group who’s members choose to remain anonymous. Creating electronic music and designing soundscapes for cinema and beyond is the main focus of the group. While retaining luscious melodic and rhythmically captivating content, the group hopes to inspire the soul and dazzle the senses.

Currently the mysterious group, Ephemeral Transmissions, is recording, mixing, and producing an EP at Pinetop Recording Studio. With the owner at helm of the DAW they are hoping to cut an album by the end of this year.

Ephemeral Transmissions has collaborated with many artists throughout the years. Their goal is to create good music that people listen to and enjoy on a deeper maybe even, spiritual level. They connect their audiences to inner peace and deep emotional contentment through subtle nuances in the music.

Here is a pre-release single off the new album.


Here is a cinematic soundscape set to various footage in the hopes of further exploration of scoring and composition.