Mike Bustamante – Musical Guest

Mike Bustamante playing a Warwick
Mike Bustamante playing a Warwick

Mike Bustamante, is a multi-talented individual who has decided to come to our music recording studio to record and produce a few new songs. Using his unique approach to guitar playing and depth of music knowledge, he played bass and guitar and keys to create a intro, verse, chorus, and bridge for a new song idea.

While watching Mike at our music recording studio, we noticed his songwriting process is streamlined and very efficient. Mike can get his ideas out on the proper instrument while keeping things rhythmically interesting and not forgetting about a clever melody with a hook. Using a Taylor guitar and a Warwick Bass and his own 92 Les Paul Standard, which he modified the pickups to a 57 PAF in the neck, and a burstbucker II in the bridge, Mike was able to quickly and tastefully lay down a couple tracks that sound amazing!

Mike’s go to guitars are both the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul. Mike also knows about electronics so he was able to customize his guitars electronics’ to obtain the exact sound he is looking for.

Mike Bustamante played for audiences all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, before moving to Ohio, in a band called the Moondogs. His band played hits from the 70’s 80′ and 90’s and are sure to get anyone out of their seat and “groovin”. His drummer Ruben Ariola keeps a tight bottom line. Ruben has recently played at the Church of the Mountain with many Poconos artists such as Spencer Reed, Marco Marcinko, Ed Hoodak, and a few others. His bass player, Nick Capazollo, keeps the bottom end together with Ruben plus everyone in the band sings harmonies and melodies as well.

Mike has recently moved to Ohio and currently plays guitar with a band called Moselle.

Keep an eye out for this musician as he is very self-motivated and driven enough to make the pop charts !