gHyp:See – Featured Artist

gHyp:See sitting at the keys at Pinetop Recording Studio
gHyp:See sitting at the keys at Pinetop Recording Studio

gHyp:See came into being in the collective creative consciousness in 2011. She combines the forces of poetic and musical expression to help others g.ive y.our p.ower and See. She naturally starting using poetry at the age of eleven to help combat suicidal thoughts and emotional turmoil and hopes to continue working towards helping others find their way through their own darkness.

She now resides in New Brunswick, pursuing higher education on all planes and in process of starting a non-profit organization, CP4P, which is dedicated to promoting positive values through the arts. Check out the organization here: Her first album, Conspiratorial Whispers, is available for free download or by donation at or for listening and following at or  gHyp:See credits her loving family, including five siblings and her extended family of friends and lovers all across the globe for her inspiration, support, experience, strength, and hope.  In loving service and gratitude, peace and blessings.

Currently, gHyp:See is performing in a band called, gHyp:See & The Wichts. She performs live with a guitarist, Justin Humphrey and drummer, Jack Leary. For further information about the band and what they are working on go to The Wichts.