Fenner – Featured Artist

Fenner recording "Mama" at Pinetop Recording Studio
Fenner recording “Mama” at Pinetop Recording Studio

Fenner began his musical career in Haiti, where he perfected his unique and soulful vocal style. While in Haiti, Fenner fine tuned his vocal techniques to become so proficient that he came to the US on an International Music Scholarship. While sounding like a dream come true, it was not without extreme difficulty that he has made it this far.

A few years ago, a tragic accident occurred when Fenner’s Biological Mother was taken from this world. Determined to prove himself as a musician with purpose, he recently wrote a song for his late Mother titled “Mama”.

Fenner had decided to record this song Pinetop Studio and leave it as unproduced and raw as possible. He performed this song in Creole, which has many similarities to beauty of the French language. While Fenner was recording this song at Pinetop Recording Studio, all of us were transported to another time and place.

While we can all understood the full implication of what this decision meant to Fenner everyone was more than accommodating in every way and provided the proper environment for the most honest and skilled portrayal of raw emotion that any of us had seen thus far at the studio.

As the night came to a late close, Fenner promised to come back to the studio again and record other styles and genres of music.

Follow this link to hear “Mama” by Fenner. https://soundcloud.com/pinetop-recording-studios/mama

Only at Pinetop Recording Studio.

God bless.